Pots for NCECA

Here are the 3 pots I decided to send to the Circle of Eight Show at NCECA. I had a hard time deciding, especially after having a good firing last week and actually having some pots I was really proud of. I struggled with the reasons of choosing the pots. I found at first I was being really ego based about it and wanting to send work that was 'the best' so folks who saw them would say 'this guy's good', 'look at these great pots' , 'blah, blah, blah'. Then I thought about what people might actually buy, and should I send things that would sell. Pricing is hard too, I admit I marked things up a good bit compared to my home prices. I looked on the web and found pots that were comparable and used that as a guide, still I marked mine a bit lower, but higher than usual. I had some real gems from the kiln, an oval baker and an oil can I really liked. I can't part with them just yet so I didn't send them. Instead I picked the bird dish and the other oil can that was good but not the 'racer'. I thought about keeping the oval vase too, it got some really nice flashing. But I sent it along, I would like to have had a professional photo of it. Anyhow so this is how stuff works out in my head, maybe I make it too complicated. Honestly I'd like to keep the best pots here for my locals to buy at my sales, I am going to have to start holding some things back though to get photographed and to send off to exhibitions in the future. Anyhow enough of all this. I must get some work done.