Yesterday it felt like I had way too many irons in the fire. I had wet, freshly thrown pots, leatherhard pots that needed handled, leatherhard pots that needed slipping, pots that needed spouts attached, oval bakers that needed bottoms, a big wet messy pile of recycled clay on the table, and thoughts in my head of a new bowl I wanted to try. I found myself talking out loud to myself, "what am I doing?", "what are YOU doing?", "I need to finish these.", "I am getting tired.", "do one thing at a time." , "which one?" At the end of the day some things were finished, some still partly finished and lots of stuff covered in plastic for today. So I have a committee meeting at the Arts Council at 10am and then it will be back here to try and put an end on some things. I keep forgetting to take the camera out to the studio but I will try and get some shots of these things in progress. Have a good Friday!