Last night I made a couple pizzas. This one was made with the Italian sausage that Tom gave me. Boy was it delicious. I made another with spinach, goat cheese and onions for Sarah. It was tasty too. Pizza is my favorite food by far and I can pretty much make a better pizza than any chain resturant. We do have a good pizzeria in Shelby, Doc's. They make a great pie.

I am feeling very off schedule this month. I am getting pots made but it seems I should be firing already. I will fire on the 30th probably. The thing that is throwing me off is that I have 2 shows this month and another in early May. I feel like I need to be firing before each show. That can't happen...well it could but it isn't. So things are on schedule after all. I have a load almost made except for some cups and a few other things I'd like to get in.