Today I'll be finishing up the pots that I made on Tuesday and some plates that were made earlier that have finally decided to dry to the point of turning. I want to get all my pots boxed up to take to the Circle of Eight Sale also. We are setting up on Friday afternoon. I am excited about our Sale, we should have a good turnout and the weather looks like it will be nice.
My clay is drying in the racks and will be ready to come in in a few days. As it dries I will cut it into blocks. This allows me to bring in the blocks that dry sooner (the ones closer to the edge of the rack). I will store the soft clay in large, lidded trash bins. When I am ready to use it I will run the clay through the pug mill.
I am challenging myself to think of ways to change some of my more generic pots to give them some character. I think this will mainly involve paying attention to parts of pots like feet and rims and details like handles and maybe some little add ons. I could make some bowls with taller feet, or bottles and vases composed of parts. It's hard to put into words but I'm doing some sketches. I noticed in my last kiln load that I had some baskets that were really boring, not even worth firing really, and I had some small jars I felt the same way about. I guess I learned from that. It's easy just to 'make stuff ' , making interesting pots is harder. I think also for me it's learning to cut out certain things and go deeper with others. That's what I think I should do, 'go deeper' , explore, have fun, and see where that takes me.