Pots. Show.

I am getting all my things together and will be leaving shortly for Charlotte to set up for the Circle of Eight show which is tomorrow. See post below. I have all the pots and my display loaded in the truck.
I finished up a few pots this morning. Below are a few spouted mixers. I really like these pots a lot; we have two in our kitchen. They are great for scrambling eggs or mixing up dressings.
Here are some cups with incised star pattern. I haven't done this in awhile. Sarah's mother has a cup like this and I was looking at it when I was over there recently. It was so nice I decided to make a few more. These have the yellow slip so the contrast should be good.And here are a few honey jars. These are good sellers, I use ours every day.

I'll have some images from the Sale going up later in the weekend. If you are in the area please come by. Lots of great pots to choose from.