Pictures from the Studio

I took some pictures while working in the studio today. I thought some of you may enjoy seeing things in progress as well as some shots of the studio interior. I realized while loading these that I didn't get too many of the latter so check back as the week goes on and I'll try to put some up.
These two little birds got slipped today. They will be blue when fired. The last thing I made today was some squared mugs. These will get turned over tomorrow and the bottoms will get pushed on and squared. They will get handles then too.
Here is my handy pug mill. I love this machine. When I first set up my studio Tom Gray told me I should get a pug mill as soon as I could. I saved up some money and bought a brand new Bluebird 440. It saves me from wedging most of my clay. It's also great for reclaiming scrap by mixing it in with new clay. It is by far one of the best investments I've made.