Where I Live and Work

My dad and I build the house (which was originally the pottery shop) and tractor shed in the early 90's. It's the structure to the far right. I had the pottery workshop in the downstairs with the upstairs mainly unfinished but with plans on living there. I worked there for several years and when Sarah and I decided to get married in 2000 we finished the upstairs and took over a third of the tractor shed for a kitchen and bathroom. I continued to work in the pottery up until last year when we built the new studio (just to the left). It's nice to have all the clay dust out of the house and we are working on converting that area into living space.

The new studio sits where the kiln shed was originally. That shed was 16 ft square. We added onto the concrete slab to make it 20 by 36 and built the studio and showroom. The kiln was moved to a new shed (far left).

We sit about 400 ft off the road which is nice. To the east is a large field that is farmed, usually corn or wheat. Behind us to the north is a creek (where I played as a child) and a large pasture. It often has cows in it but seems to be vacant right now. To the west is my dad's house, about 300 ft away and then a small cemetery and church yard.

I am very fortunate to have such a beautiful place to live and work. I am thankful to my father for giving us this land and for all his hard work with me in building what is here now. Of course there were others too who helped with later projects.

(Just in case you are wondering...I LOVE to mow grass!)