Back to Work

It's been a good Monday. After a quick trip to town this morning I got into the studio and made 5 boards of plates (four shown here). I am working towards a dinnerware order that is due in October. I'd like to go ahead and knock it out early. So I got those made before lunch and then threw some 3 lb pitchers and worked on a slab tray. This tray is going to be a challenge. It's a special order and they want it to be pretty big. I don't know if I can pull it off but I am going to give it a few shots before I have to call in my handbuilding consultant. These jars were demos from last week's class and I got the birds added to them today, almost a week later. I've never made the tall, faceted one before. I am finding I'll try things for my students that I normally wouldn't do in my studio. Often this leads to new pots for me, or at least some play time that helps generate new ideas.