Waiting, Waiting

I have spent the morning waiting. First off I had to be at the court house at 8:15 am to appear for jury service. After spending almost 2 hrs there we were all dismissed as we were not needed for a trial today. I still have to go back in the morning again and may get selected to serve on a jury.
Now back at home I have been out to the studio and uncovered all of the pots from Monday and Tuesday. None are ready to have handles attached, feet cut, or whatever. I decided to pack my pots to take to the Clayworks Sale while I waited. There's not much sense in getting too many new things made today, I'll be overwhelmed when it gets all leatherhard at the same time. So I think after lunch I'll mow the lawn and then hopefully get to turn the feet on my plates.
That's my quick update. If you wait a little while there will probably be more....