Listen Up

May 24th was a day for potter's on the airwaves. Warren Mackenzie was featured on Minnesota Public Radio and was interviewed at the Rochester Art Center. Follow this link to hear the interview with Warren (scroll down to 'Midmorning with Kerri Miller' , the 10 am slot). Most of you know he is my pottery hero. I loved hearing Warren's voice tell the stories of his past. At 83 he's still in the pottery everyday at 9am to make pots. Click here to read about Sarah and me visiting Warren's studio a several years ago.

Also on the radio yesterday was a favorite potter of mine,
Joe Bennion. I was hooked early on by Joe's salt glazed work. He and his wife, Lee Udall Bennion live in Spring City, Utah. WUER spent the week in Spring City and interviewed Joe and Lee yesterday. Here's the link to listen. Sarah and I visited with Joe a few years ago in his studio on Main St. We came away with some great pots that we use all the time. Joe was very inspirational in my approach to marketing my work, he encouraged me to start my Newsletter, and I mirrored this blog after his online potter's journal. Thanks Joe for all the help and inspiration.

If you'd like to read more about Warren visit the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. Here is a
link to a transcript of an interview with Warren from 2002.

Okay this should be enough to keep you busy over the Holiday weekend.
Peace. Ron