Holiday Weekend Update

My three day weekend was very productive. We worked on the renovation both Saturday and Sunday, hanging drywall and doing some last minute electrical work. It went smoothly but there's still more to do. I am at a halt until we do some work on the windows on the west wall. Then we can hang the drywall there and move on.
We had a cook out Sunday evening with my family, it was nice to get together and the food was great. Nothing like hamburgers and hotdogs off the grill.
I made pots on Memorial Day. Sarah was off work and it was wonderful to have her here all day. It was like when we both worked at home full time. We had lunch and then a nap and then back to work. I miss having her here, but I am happy that she is doing what she loves, and of course the security of a regular paycheck is very nice.
I am off to the studio now and then I'll go teach tonight. I'll try and get a photo or two up before I leave later in the day.