Getting Ready. Doing Nothing.

I spent this morning cleaning up the showroom and dusting the pots in there. I was expecting my Rotary summer campers at 8 am and they never showed up, turns out I got my days mixed up and they are coming tomorrow. Oh well, I'll be ready then.

Things are sort of on hold until I unload the kiln tomorrow around lunchtime. Then I'll have to sand, dust, price and bring all of that work in and set up a couple of displays in the workshop. So for now I'm doing nothing and feeling just a bit guilty since it's 3:30 in the afternoon. I pretty much have supper worked out. There is a basket of clothes here that need folding so I'll probably do that next. Then maybe I'll just read awhile or do some drawing, or maybe I'll just draw the laundry. I guess I can allow myself a few hours to just veg out.