New Pots

I had a great firing. I was really surprised not to have more orange peel texture since I added 4 more pounds of salt than I did last time. Still, I had some very nicely flashed pots with lots of atmospheric variation. Here are some pics and I'll add more later.
I really liked this faceted teapot, it was my favorite out of the six or so that were in this kiln.

Three small ovals. These were all in the front of the kiln and got some nice salt action.
I have about 8 of these mugs. My friend Greg Scott mentioned to me a while back about trying some dots on top of my slip pours. So here they are and I think it works great, it gives the pours a new dimension. I'll be doing more of that on other forms in the future.
Those two bottles in the middle were on the bagwall and I expected them to get blasted with salt. These are all nice, I have plans to make more of these faceted bottles in different sizes and shapes for the next load. I want to make some that are more flared out.
Two more teapots. I like that dry slip on the left one.
Like I said, I was really happy with these pots. My kiln is firing so much better than it was back in the winter. I am reducing longer and soaking at the end. I think these two things have helped remedy the problems I was having. I sure don't any complaints about this firing. More to come.