Just a few

Today I did manage to make a few pots. I have plans to work on the house this weekend so I didn't go crazy in the studio making stuff. I knew I'd probably not get back to any of it until Monday. This morning I did some work on my big homemade kickwheel. This is a wheel that a friend has let me borrow and it works great. The only problem is that it doesn't have any kind of splashpan. I use plenty of water so it was a problem. Kicking a wet flywheel is dangerous and not very productive. So I rigged up a splash pan made by cutting the bottom off of a large trash can and screwed it into place. It works fine, but I'll probably work on it a bit more.
I like to use that wheel to throw larger pots. I made this 18" bowl and also some pitchers. The pitchers aren't that large but I do like to make them on that kickwheel. I like how it slows way down as I get to the top of the pot. Normally I work on a Leach treadle wheel.
Note to Andrew: These pitchers are made from 4, 5 and 6 lbs of clay. Left to right. Here are the dimensions (left to right) Height 25 cm, width 13.5 cm. Height 29 cm, width 14.6 cm. Height 29 cm , width 16 cm. That's the height to the top of the cylinder, not the spout, and the width of the base. So maybe that will be helpful. I'm not the greatest pitcher maker by any means, but these are pretty well balanced. I'll get handles on the later.