I've had a really nice weekend. I feel like I did a good job of staying in the moment this weekend and let some of the junk I've had troubling me fall to the side. Friday night I made a great pizza with tomato and basil from the garden and some mozzarella cheese. I need to shop around for a good quatily mozz. Sarah was out with a friend so I just chilled out, journalled, and drew a bit.

On Saturday my dad and I worked on the renovation. Things are pugging along slowly, but we will get there. That evening I talked Sarah into going to see Ratatoullie. I thought it was really wonderful. My 'inner child' and 'inner chef' totally enjoyed it. The digital anamation is awesome. The story was cool, and orginial I thought. I love going to the movie theater, the big screen and great sound system totally beats watching a dvd at home. Afterwords we hit Chens for some lo mein.

Today was pretty laid back too. We cleaned the house and headed over to Sarah's parents for supper. The new kitchen looks awesome. Sarah's mom is really happy with it. It's going to take her awhile to get settled in and find places for all her stuff, but I can tell she loves it.

Tomorrow, Monday, I have a gallery owner coming to buy pots and after that I will be getting back to making things for my next kiln load.

So that's it. Thanks for checking in. I am looking forward to getting back in the studio.