New Start

I got a start on my next kiln load this week. Today, being a holiday, I didn't work all day but did finish up some of the pots I made Monday and Tuesday. Below is an 18" bowl, I made two of these today. I had made one last week but lost it today when cutting a foot on it... the walls got too thin. The two I made today are thrown better anyway I think. These three large ovals got handled and slipped today.
Here is a shot of what I made on Tuesday. I am having to keep things covered or shuffled around since I now have my AC window unit blasting cool air. If I'm not careful things will get dry on one side or dry out before I have time to slip them.
This is a fat pitcher I made yesterday. I don't have a set pitcher shape but tend to lean towards the narrow tapered shapes. This one was inspired by Doug. Maybe I'll try a board of these and see where they go.