From the workshop

Here are these new deep soup/cereal bowls I mentioned the other day. No foot, thrown with soft clay on my slow moving, low momentum treadle wheel. The lobes sort of made them even better I thought, 'lobing' seems to be my new element. I am going to try to work it into some ovals tomorrow, and maybe some mugs. This is my favorite stage of the pot, soft leather hard. I made two boards of these, ten in all. I can't wait to get them fired. I love to pat these edges, the clay moves up in a natural, soft, friendly way. I like for the pots to show the process and not be too 'finished' or pristine looking. Cutting pots off with a twisted wire leaves another 'signature', process mark. Little things like this are what I love to see in pots.
I finally got these ovals handled today, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow to get a coat of slip.
And some square mugs. I should have taken a pic of the bottoms of these, they are rather nice. I'll try to remember tomorrow.
This jar was inspired by Mackenzie, there was a large one similar to this (better though) in the exhibit. I am not sure where this shape comes from but I'd guess Korea. I'll have to check it out.