Floor Staining

I am sitting here at the kitchen table looking out at the work we have just done. We stained our concrete slab today in the renovated area. We used an iron sulfate that costs $4 for 4 lbs to do the whole floor. We added some coffee too! Anyhow this was about $200 cheaper than using a commercial product. Iron sulfate is sold in garden stores often under the name 'copperas' . It has no copper in it though. For more info you can go here and read up on it on Cathy Moore's site. (Thanks Cathy for sharing) Here is a close up of a still wet section. This is sort of what it will look like once the sealer is put on. This whole area used to be my pottery shop and the floor got quite abused over that 12 year period. So all that sort of shows and gives the character to the room.

I hate to keep harping on Linda Christianson but she was the person who told me about this and also recommended her friend and fellow potter, Lisa Buck, who has done a few of these projects. I never could get Lisa on the phone so we went with what we saw on the internet and in the end just sort of winged it. I think we'll like it once it's all sealed and the area rugs and furniture is moved in.