I unloaded my test kiln this morning with good results. My amber glaze test came out great, so it's full steam ahead with that. From left to right below it's : Amber glaze over Erect clay slip. Amber glaze over white clay slip. And Clear glaze over Erect clay slip. The Erect clay comes from Erect , NC and is principally a ball clay I think. I like it better than the white slip as the Erect has more of a creme color.I still have some work to do on my greens. The two on the left are green slips made with Erect and white clay with additions of green copper oxide. Both covered in clear glaze. The far right is white slip covered with a clear glaze that contains some copper carbonate. I think the two on the left have some potential. It looks like the slips went on too thin. I don't really care for the color of the far right but it gives me something to go by for future tests.
Gotta go! More later probably.
Yea for me!