Catching Up

Yesterday I went to unload the electric kiln at the Arts Council where I am firing this work. It was a bisque and I blew up all my slab pots. Oh well. Plus it was under fired by about 2 cones I'd guess. I 'm not too keen on these computer kilns. Anyhow I pressed on and glazed all the cups and yunomi and plates and reloaded the kiln. I set it to fire over night to cone 03. I went in early this morning to make sure it reached temp. The 04's were down when I got there and then then thing shut off. So I restarted it and fired it to temp. I am glad I was there to check.

So I'll unload my first glazed pots tomorrow and see if this little adventure is going to continue.

I decorated these plates yesterday.
Here are some tankards with sprigs. I have made some jugs that are similar.
And a couple of the 10 lb bowls decorated.
Sarah and I are off to Asheville for the night to celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary. We will have fun knocking around there tomorrow. Check back in for pics of the fired work. Cross all your digits.