Finished Work

Here are the results of my first glaze firing with the earthenware. I was happy that all the pots came out although it was 'amber overload' since that was the only glaze I have tested so far that I really like. I do feel like I could tone it down a little by decreasing the oxide in my glaze and increasing the iron in my white slip. Overall though it's good for my first try.
I was using the green slip for pours like on the mug on the far right. It's got too much oxide in it too I think so I'll decrease that and try again. I'd like to have a good green slip. I also tested a black slip, which isn't pictured, so that may offer some variety too.
That green bowl is over the top for me colorwise. It has 8% copper carb. in the glaze. I'm going to knock that down and maybe add some iron to it to see if I can't get something better. The finger wiped plates all came out good, and I like that little bowl with the dots.
Everything else was more of the same or had that ugly green slip poured on it. So it's back to testing. I don't know how much longer I'll be playing around with all this. I have to get back to my salt glazed pots soon. Unloading this kiln was much different than unloading my salt kiln. It was weird to see pots that were all the same, or mostly the same. I did like seeing the decorated work esp. the drawings.

Sarah and I had a great time in Asheville. I'll post on that later.