Finishing Up/Changing Over

I spent most of today finishing up some pots and then cleaning the workshop. It was getting way out of control. I am switching back over to my stoneware in the next day or two. I ran into a problem yesterday with my earthenware. It seeps. I know most earthenware seeps some, but this was SEEPING. I am using Ron Meyers claybody and we have lots of his pots that don't seep, and they are fired to the same temp. etc. I am not using Ron's glaze so maybe that's part of the problem or maybe I did something wrong in the mixing. Either way I have to let it go for now so I can get back to pots I can sell to make a living.

I have had all sorts of feelings about making different work and trying something new. I want to post on it but I'll have to sort it out a little more to keep from rambling and sounding psychotic. Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions. I am looking forward to getting back to my salt kiln and the pots with all their varying surfaces and inconsistencies.

More soon.