Not Giving Up

I decided last night that I'm going to continue to pursue my earthenware pot making. I feel like I can get somewhere with it and I have really enjoyed the new experience. It's going to be a couple weeks before I can get back into making anything and I still have to figure out how to either fix that clay or maybe just mix another recipe. I think I can cut the clay I have with some commercial earthenware and run it through my pug mill. I'm gonna give that a shot and see what happens. I do have a kiln load of dishes and slab pots made that I will fire soon. I want to work on my decoration and composition. I am going to look at some historical pots on museum sites and try and order a few books. I found one last night called World Ceramics that a friend told me about. If you know of others let me know.

I didn't get those casseroles finished yesterday, but hopefully today I'll wrap those up as well as some tankards and other pots.

More later maybe.