I finished up my casseroles yesterday. I made 4 and here you can see two and a quarter. They are pretty straight forward pots, purely functional, and practical I think. Those strips of paper are there under the lids so that I could lift the lids off before I got the top handle on. Just a little tip.
Chae asked me about getting my lids to fit properly. I try to measure as carefully as possible but often mine don't fit perfectly. I throw my lids (and bodies) on batts. I leave the lids attached to the batts and don't wire them off. The next day I can turn the lid, batt and all, over and see if it fits. If it doesn't I'll put it back on the wheel and adjust it. Usually this is best if the lid is too large, then I can trim it down a little. It may not work so well if it's too small because you have to throw it out a bit. Try to use as little water as possible. I had to trim 3 out of 4 of these because they were slightly too large.

Below is my flour bin. It was a bit plain and I thought I'd just put this chicken sprig on it but it got further embellished as I went. I have seen Clary Illian use a coil in this manner but I was also thinking of Michael Kline's wonderful sliptrailing. I made three more of these but don't know if I'll decorate them like this or not.
I've got to go load a bisque, but I'll be back with another post in a bit.