More From Today

Here are some odd bowls . I was mainly trying out different shapes to see how I could work out the deco. I made a few with pours too.
This group of pots are made from slabs draped over plaster hump molds that I made. That is a gigantic chicken is it not! I may add some finger dots of brown slip around that bird tomorrow. It looks like lots of blank space. Space is good I guess.
This clay is really groggy and I love it. Look at this flake!

I am very conscientious about the whole decoration thing. I have never done it for very long and I don't know if I'll stick to this much. The wipes and pours and dots are fine. I would like to incorporate some images, but it seems hard for me to let myself go there without being really judgmental. I am enjoying doing something new.

Gotta go get started on dinner. Please leave some comments.