New Pots

Okay so here are some pots from the weekend. I spent today turning feet and dipping and pouring slip. These mugs have a white slip with green slip pours. They will get some dots tomorrow. My dot slip was too wet for today.A few yunomi with pours and wipes and some dots.
Now here are these plates. Covered in white slip and then incised. A proper slipware potter would have trailed these designs, but I am better with a stick than a sliptrailer hence the drawing. So, I'm not 100% about this kind of thing. It can seem rather 'cute', or kitschy, or just bad. These will have an amber glaze over them so they won't be so bold, but if you have any feedback let me know. I can take it. If they are kinda 'folksy' then I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with cute. I may have to make them more 'fierce' animals or something. (That bird on the bottom right looks rather phallic, not fierce, although a flying phallus may be fierce) (Say that 3 times fast).
Most all of these pots above will get the amber glaze. I am testing a green glaze too and a clear although I don't know when I'd use a clear really. I think it would let the white be too white.