One Plate

Here's a teaser of my Obamaware. It was a long afternoon in the studio working up to decorating. I didn't like any of the three cups I etched so I thought I'd move on to plates. The first two were pretty stiff and controlled. I decided to got back and do some drawings on newsprint and told myself, "play, have fun, it's just paper, do what you want." That helped and things changed from what I had been planning for the last day. I ended up with 7 plates decorated and 5 left under plastic. I didn't try to tackle any more cups. Now that I've got a little confidence I will finish what I have tomorrow and probably even make a few more plates to toy around with.

I know this may seem a bit silly to some, but I have to admit that I put myself in the situation of being part of this show to push myself. This morning I was almost regretting it b/c I thought, "What if my pots aren't good enough, or as good as everyone elses?" Well I knew that kind of thinking was no good so I tried to let that go and I turned to a couple people for support. That helped too. Thanks Sarah and Amy.

Here's something else that came up. I asked myself, " Do I do what I normally do, you know my regular shapes and marks, and glazes or do I try to make it look really 'campainy' or 'political colors' etc.? After thinking about it (and trying to think what would such and such do) I figured it was best just to stick to my usual stuff. It's good, why change? There's a bit more to that, but I have to run, time for supper and the v.p. debate.