Circle of Eight at Lark and Key

Sarah and I headed out to Charlotte last night for the Circle of Eight opening at Lark and Key. We had a great time and all the pots looked fantastic. Thanks to Sandy and Duy for having us in the gallery.

Below you can see a platter of mine hanging above some pots by Adrienne Dellinger and Greg Scott.
Below is a shot showing Julie Wiggin's pots on the left, some of Amy Sanders in the center, Jen Mecca and then my pots there on the right.

More by Adrienne and Greg.
Diana Fayt from San Fran. was our guest for this show. I really like Diana's work and it was great to be able to see these pieces in person and to pick them up and handle them. I really loved the yellow bowl with the red interior.
Below a couple bottles and some tiles by Jen, and some cups made by Julie.