More Tests

I unloaded the test kiln Saturday morning and was happy to see my line blends came out well. I know these may look similar to some other tests from before, but this is a different base glaze with varying percentages of black iron (again). So I am learning new info each time. The first set it the glaze over white slip. (I didn't sieve the second to the right, so that's why it has the black specks, I sieved after that mistake).This second set is the same glazes but testing them over the white slip with a green pour.
My favorites from both sets are the two on the far right. This base glaze seems to be more stable and easier to apply than my previous test. I still have my amber that is working well. So I am honing in on what I want.

Regarding clay, I did mix up a small 10 # batch on Friday. I'm going to throw some small bowls and see how I like it. The clay I am using now is wonderful, but I think I may need to back off some of the course particles in it and have more of a variety of particle size throughout. I do love it's color though. The new batch is more of a brown, not that wonderful orange/red that comes from the Neuman brick clay.