Check Your Bearings

I spent the better part of the morning tearing down my pugmill to replace a bearing. I had noticed it was completely worn out about 3 weeks ago. It took longer than I had anticipated; I ended up having to unbolt the motor so I could drive the shaft through till it was free. As you can see the old bearing was completely worn out and fell apart when I took it out. (I got my moneys worth out of that one for sure).
All fixed up and reassembled. I should have probably went ahead and replaced that back bearing too but I was too cheap to buy two new ones at the same time. It seemed to be in good condition so maybe it'll go another year or so.
So since I had the machine apart I decided to clean out the stoneware and pug some red clay. It was really wet but I went ahead and made a couple boards of soup bowls. I pugged out more clay to leave to toughen up for tomorrow. Maybe I'll make a few pitchers. I also mixed up a bigger batch of black slip so I can use it in the next go round.
All for now.