Disappointed but Excited

Well I may as well show you the rejects first. I have made this mistake before. I'll do a test and it will come out okay on a little tile. Then I'll mix up a small batch and proceed to glaze about 1/3 of the load with it. And of course they always never come out right. So here they are. I'm bummed they didn't make it but it's not a big deal really. I am still excited about the ones that did come out. So from here on out you can see I had pretty good luck with the glaze I had originally used in the last firing. It was darker this time. I fired hotter and longer. Of course I still have the crazing and some minor seepage but not like before.

I like these a lot. I am going to focus on this glaze that works and try some variations on the iron content as well.
I had a good conversation with Michael Kline over the weekend and he gave me the idea of maybe firing up to cone 1 or 3. That may be something I consider after weighing the pros and cons.