More Pots

Again the amber glaze. I liked the variation on these pots.
These trays ended up being tests in some ways. My black looks pretty good. I had made some corrections on the chicken and they showed up as whiter areas. So it's a bit blotched but okay. The white over the black was good. That tealy green is kinda weird.
I want to make more of these hump molded bowls.
Okay that's it for now. I have one or two more to show later. I guess out of the whole load I had about 10 rejects, 20 keepers and 5 or 6 that may be good enough to sell as seconds.
My goal is to have three slips: white, black and green and one or two variations on the amber, a dark and a light. I could do tons of things with these few materials. Also I am going to get Leon to help me with my glaze calculations.

I'll have a post later about how this all may translate to my salt/soda work.