As my red clay dries it reaches a point where it becomes very short and sort of crumbly. This pitcher bit the dust yesterday as I was holding it over the bucket and pouring on the slip. The clay gave way under my thumb and I dropped it down onto the rim of the bucket. At least it didn't take a dive into the slip making a huge splash and mess.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. Running around, feeling mindless, worried, and rushed. Today I hope to have some moments of calm in the studio. I am finding decoration to be challenging as I have never done much before. I can't just reach over grab a pot and expect to do something great on the surface. It's a learning process that I am finding challenging. Making, slipping , decorating. It's a new routine, and that last part is very intimidating to me. I guess I need to just keep it fun, not take myself too seriously and explore the process. I need to give myself permission to mess up, to make bad decisions and to learn as I go.
I'm heading over to Danny Gregory's site now to listen to a podcast and do some sketching in my journal before going out to work.