Wednesday's Doings

Well I didn't drop any pots today, but I did do a lot of incising on some mugs and bowls and whiskey cups. They are really rough and primitive and I don't know how I feel about doing it . I guess it was fun. God, I can't even let myself have fun!! Okay it was kinda fun. Ha. Still I'm self conscience about them but I'll show them tomorrow....maybe.

In the mean time here are some jugs....

I like the tall ones the best.
I also pinched a coil on each of these oval slab dishes. They'll get refined a little more. I like the fat rim as opposed to just having the usual hard edge of the slab.
This is what the feet look like on those little trays/soap dishes. Sort of a bowtie effect, pasta like even. I flip these over and push down on the tray to give it some curve.
Sarah is working late, it's been a rainy day and Karma needs a bath. So I guess I'll go round her up.