Pots from Tuesday

Today was a good day in the studio even though I got off to a slow start and had some running around to do.

Below is an image from Turning Point, the book on Oribe that I recently acquired. This is a clog shaped teabowl, named Waraya, which means 'Straw Hut'. Made in the early 17 century. Pretty cool eh.
H. 7.8 cm Diam. at rim 13.8 cm. Mino ware. Black Oribe type. Stoneware.

The Black Oribe (kuro-oribe) typically had black glaze applied to only part of the surface, the rest was left white for the design area. These pots were removed from the kiln during firing and cooled rapidly.I made a few yunomi today, including 2 clog shaped (kutsugata). These will get footed tomorrow.

I am sort of making a hodge podge of things in small families, no large runs of anything. Firing this electric kiln changes everything. I can basically have a load made in a day. Right now I have about 2 1/2 loads probably. Lots of stuff under plastic waiting for me to slip or decorate. I think I'll make a few more mugs tomorrow and some tankards and that will be it. The Circle of Eight sale is the 12th so I'll need to get it fired.
Now that I'm doing this deco thing I see each pot as an opportunity for the image. So I made this board of mugs today, all different. Also some plates and jars.

Okay that's that. Time to get supper going.