Bring on the Night

I rarely work at night anymore. I sort of view my pottery as a day job and try to work it as such, although the hours certainly are longer and it's usually 7 days a week.

Anyhow I did work for a couple hours last night doing all the drawing on pots that I'd made this week. I found it to be a nice time to be in the studio. No one calling wanting me to do something, no need to stop for lunch, just pure interrupted time. I found that sitting down to do all the deco at one time allowed me to get in a groove, take my time, and just let the ideas move onto the pots. I've found I have 4 or 5 main things in my repertoire right now along with a few new little marks I'm making that let me get through the process without too much stress. All this is new to me but and I find that this part of the process to be very time consuming, but fun and interesting at the same time.

One problem I am finding is that I don't know exactly how to sit or stand or whatever to do the decorating in a comfortable position. I found myself all bent over a few times and twisted up over top of bowls trying to find the right angle to draw on the rims. I guess I'll sort all this out over time.

All those pots are spread out on boards in the studio now with the fan blasting on them. I'd like to get them into a bisque tomorrow. Maybe a few pics later on or tomorrow.