The Host with the Most

Bob Briscoe has to be one of the most generous and kind people on the planet. During my four days spent at his home I saw him give and give and give. He is on the go constantly, nothing seems to upset him or get under his skin. He welcomes folks into his home , feeds them, makes them comfortable, offers them a beer, and of course all his pottery is out for sale, so you can take a piece of Bob home with you to remind you of the experience.

As the saying goes, behind every great man is a great woman, and this case is no different. Mary, Bob's wife, worked away in the house all weekend with the rest of the kitchen staff making wonderful food for us all, and for the customers. She is a quiet lady, much like Bob. I found that Mary has a love of colorful aprons and table clothes. I'd find her up early in the mornings making coffee for us all when I came in from the 'bunkhouse'. She never seemed too tired or put out. Mary and Bob were fine examples to me of two people living in harmony with one another and with the other people in the world.
The atmosphere at the Briscoe household during the Pottery Tour is fun and festive. Food is always coming out of the kitchen, the kegs of beer out on the perimeter of the yard are iced down as folks stand around them and talk of Spring, pottery, catching up on things since they've seen one another last. Bob wore shorts and tee shirt all weekend, most of the rest of us were bundled up a little, especially us Southerners. I think it may be some sort of good luck ritual that he puts into play for the sale. It seems to pay off.
Here are a few images of Bob's pots from the Sale. If you'd like to see more you can visit the Akar site here.

I feel really fortunate that I got to work at the Briscoe site during my first ever MN Potters Tour. Thanks to Bob's extensive selection of Scotch I also had my first drink of that fine beverage. I sure hope I get to go back next year!