If you 've been reading this blog for anytime at all you've probably heard me mention Linda Christianson. She is a big influence of mine and such a lovely person. It was thrilling to see all these dishes of Linda's set out in her yard. The past two times I've been to her home there have only been a few pots. This was total L.C. pottery overload!!
I had to control myself as I was on a strict budget. I did score a fantastic huge oval baker (not pictured here, but it's on it's way home to me). It had a cracked handle and I got a super deal on it! I also bought this basket below. I've wanted one for a long time.

I picked up a few pots for some friends while there too. I got my pal David a nice fat pitcher with a super wide handle. For Brandon from TX I picked out one of the striped plates (there on the left corner of the table) and a cereal bowl.
I did get to chat with Linda some but not as much as I'd liked too. Hopefully I'll make it up again soon for a visit with her and her family.