I'm Making Stuff

I've not just been goofing off since I came home. Yesterday I mixed 600 lbs of clay and I've been making a few pots along the way. I got a big batch of white slip mixed this morning too so some of these guys got a good coat.
Today I made some yunomi and square cereal bowls. I'm wanting to pay attention to the volume of my pots. I am finding the more I can do on the wheel and the less I fuss with them afterwords the more alive and fresh they end up looking.

I am going to be testing a new green glaze soon. I think I'd rather just coat the pots with white slip and then have the color come for the glazes. Kathryn Finnerty had a great green on some of her pots. I have my green slip, I'll play around with it too. I am thinking I need to be paying attention to building up layers (subtle or not so subtle) to make the surfaces more exciting and engaging.

Sarah and I are heading out for dinner tonight. It's nice to be back home with her.