A Few Pots

Today I finished up some decorating, made a few experimental jars and got some things slipped. These 4 jars got the feet turned and also slipped they will get the deco rotation tomorrow.I've made a few money boxes. After seeing Doug's and Matt's I've been inspired to try some of my own. There are some really wonderful ones on the Museum of London's site

I had a leak in an underground water line and I had to work on that for part of the evening. It's still not resolved but I've got it under control until tomorrow. So tomorrow I'll be playing plumber as well as going to an Arts Council Board meeting and then to Charlotte to teach. That won't leave too much potting time unless I get an early start. So we'll see.

My bisque is still going, it's almost 10pm so I hope the cones are down soon. I am in bad need of seeing some finished pots. Hopefully I'll get a glaze firing in this week. My critical voice has been giving me quite a brain full lately and I'd like to feel good about some of this new stuff.

Well I best go check the cones and then maybe do a bit of sketching before turning in. It's good to be back home.