Does my green slip have 6% or 3% copper? I think it's 6%. No that's my green glaze. No, the green glaze has 4 % copper. I've got this here in this notebook somewhere....don't I? Okay right, 4%. That's the glaze not the slip. What does the slip have? I've got it here somewhere. I think it's 6%. I'll have to make some tests to be sure. God, I thought I had this all written down. Why does this test look the wrong color. It's not the same color as the one in the bucket. Did I use copper carbonate or black copper oxide? I'm a good note keeper, really I am. No you're not! Shut up. Okay so it must be black copper oxide. Yes that's right I remember, and it's 3 %. Here it is in the note book. Okay that's the slip. What about the green glaze? I think it's carbonate. Yes. That's right. Okay how much? 4% right? Right. Sure? Yes. Maybe. Shut up, it's 4%, see right here in the margin? You've got to keep better notes. Quiet! All sorted out now? Yes. Maybe. Yes, maybe.