All Stocked Up

Becky and Elaine from Clayworks are planning a barrel firing next week. Becky, knowing I live out here in the country, asked me if I would be able to get them any 'cow pies' for the firing. Well I'm not stranger to cow pies. We had cows growing up and played in the pasture all the time, eventually someone would pick up a dried pie and throw it at someone like a Frisbee. Good fun those days. So yesterday morning I walked around the surrounding pastures picking up a couple buckets full of dried cow poop. It was nice to get back to my childhood. I even found a really long snake skin that had been shed recently. I gave that to Becky for the firing too.

As a gift for my cow pie picking Becky presented me with this great selection of green tea. Boy, did I come out ahead on that deal! Thanks so much Becky! Sarah too was happy as the jasmine pearls are her favorite.

So if anyone out there is in need of cow pies just let me know what you to trade for and I'll get you a big box shipped out ASAP.