I'm not much of a happy-go-lucky guy, although I probably fool most folks who I come into contact with on a daily basis. I'd like to be, really I would. There's no reason I shouldn't be more optimistic. It just seems like a lot of work. Ha, that's kind of stupid, but it's how I've trained myself to think about it. At the moment I am feeling pretty good though. My bisque firing was a success and I'm looking forward to getting these pots glazed and fired soon.

I think these new pots with the drawings are some kind of attempt to connect with the fun part of me that lurks inside and comes out on occasion. There is a reason this stuff is stirring up thoughts of how I feel and how I perceive myself (and how I want to be perceived by others) (and if that last part really even matters). I think as artists we struggle to make work that is our own, at least I do. I struggle terribly with it. So is this me, or just another attempt at figuring it out? I don't know yet. Being in the question is hard, but I am finding that it's a better place to be than being comfortable.I had a good talk with my pal Julie last night. She had just unloaded a great firing and her pots were exceptional. We had a little "pot on the spot" critique and went over many aspects of Julie's work. Of course the whole time I was asking myself, what questions do I need to be asking myself about my pots? How can I improve this or that? Talking to Julie about her pots allowed me to talk to myself about mine. Of course I'm looking forward to having a day soon with some of the Circle of Eight crew to come out and go over things with me.

Sorry if I do the whole psycho-analytical thing here a lot on the blog, but it kinda helps me out. blah, blah , blah....

So here are some upside down pots ready for slip.

I had a little breakthrough this afternoon that I think is going to be helpful. I have gotten into the habit of slipping the whole pot. Today I made it a point to leave some bare clay on the large jars I made by doing some 'controlled, random, pouring' of the slip. I can now use these areas to draw in, or in and out of.

After I figured that out I felt really good about continuing on making more of those jars, up until that point I had no idea how I'd proceed.

Well that's all of that. Good night.