This and That

It looks like today is going to be another sunny day here in NC. I am looking forward to getting out to the shop and making some pots and slipping my cups.

I put my window AC unit in yesterday. I may as well be comfortable at work right? Last year I thought I be a tough guy and just sweat it out, that lasted until around July and I noticed I didn't even want to go out there after lunch. I'll get more work done this way. I've also decided I'm going to invest in a decent set of computer speakers so I can put those in the workshop and listen to NPR or whatever. These little laptop speakers just aren't getting the job done.

Tomorrow I'll be out on the street in Charlotte. No, not begging for change, but making pots. The Mint Museum of Craft and Design is continuing their "Taste of Art Fridays" and tomorrow I am the guest artist. Come out if you can! 11:30am till 1 pm

I am getting ready for my Summer Pottery Sale. I'll order the post cards today. The dates are June 28th and 29th. If you'd like to be on the mailing list just send me your address to ronpots2 at yahoo dot com.

Gotta go. Have a good day.