Visit to Flat Rock

Sarah and I drove up to Flat Rock , NC yesterday to visit Hand in Hand Gallery and our friends David Voorhees and Molly Sharp. I have some pots in a show there. The show is all about animals. Here are a few shots from around the exhibition.
While there I think I may have found some information on the Fitch ancestry. I think this couple could be the two that tie Doug and I together. I'll be seeing my mom later today (she was a Fitch) so I am really excited to share this information with her. (and you too D.F.)
Here is Molly Sharp and my sweet wife. They haven't seen one another in several years. Sarah apprenticed under Molly as a jeweler.
And of course no trip to Flat Rock is complete without a trip to the Flat Rock Village Bakery. We had a great pizza for lunch.