A Favorite

What makes something your favorite? I'm having tea this morning out of a favorite mug of mine that was made by Linda Christianson. I come back to this mug and certain other ones over and over again.

There are many reasons I love this cup. One of the main ones is that it functions well, I really like the wide handle that I can get two fingers in. I like the squareness of the top (I like drinking out of the corner).

I also enjoy the subtle throwing lines, wavy rim and softness of the slip surface. Those splotchy parts down at the base are nice too.

This pot is special to me also because I know Linda and I was visiting her when I bought it. Linda is just one of those wonderful people that God put here on earth and anyone who knows her will attest to that.

I spent the night out in her studio and before tucking in I went out with my flashlight to scan all the pots on the table. It was a cool September night and the sky in rural Minnesota was bursting with stars. The next morning I made my picks and this cup was one of them. When I use it I think of my trip and of that night and of visiting with Linda and her family.

That's the story with this pot. The Story...yes, the story can make something a favorite. I think our stories and telling them is very important in what we do. More on that later.....