Getting Ready Still

I've been cleaning again all day today. Almost finished, just gotta mop the showroom and that's it. Here are a few pots, I'll put up some overall shots of the showroom later. I'm hoping for a good turnout this weekend. I have no shortage of good pottery. The teapot above was one of my favorites from the last firing.

Blogger is doing that stupid sideways thing again, so you'll have to lay down to get the proper view of these cereal/soup bowls.

It's fun to see all this new work out. (Yes I'm still calling it that, Ha.) Anyhow, it's new to me still and I suspect I'll have some customers who are taken aback by it when they come. Hopefully in a good way.

I'm gonna try and freshen up my Etsy site next week. It's getting stale, same old pots on there.

Okay, well check in again later for more images.