Happy Birthday Tom!!

Tom Gray is the person who has most supported and encouraged me during my career as a potter.  I met Tom at his shop in Seagrove in the early 90's.  I think it was '92 or '93.  Since then we have become such good friends and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

Today is Tom's birthday.  I won't say what number, but it's a big one! Ha.

This is the first pot I ever bought from Tom.  It's a beauty.

Teapot and Taxes.

I got this teapot from Brandon Phillips last week.  I really love it and  it's become the pot for my morning and afternoon tea brewing.  I think Brandon and I really have a lot in common when it comes to clay and pots. He also sent me a yunomi with the same glaze. It was in the dish drain so I didn't get a photo.

Sarah and I got going on our taxes over the weekend.  We never get an early start even though we have intentions to do so.  There are 3 calculators on the table!

This shot is from this morning,when I wasn't being a very nice person due to my incompetence, frustration, and embarrassment.

I made a mistake on my retail sales tax in the last quarter and I just didn't want to deal with it.  Sarah was asking me questions and getting on fine putting her materials together.  I was a jerk and pretty much ruined the morning.   Too bad that the tea I was drinking didn't have a calming effect.  Anyhow I got my mistake sorted out, along with figuring the penalty.   Hopefully when Sarah gets home all will be forgiven and the evening will be better.  This money stuff just really puts me in a twist sometimes.

Getting Ready Still

I've been cleaning again all day today. Almost finished, just gotta mop the showroom and that's it. Here are a few pots, I'll put up some overall shots of the showroom later. I'm hoping for a good turnout this weekend. I have no shortage of good pottery. The teapot above was one of my favorites from the last firing.

Blogger is doing that stupid sideways thing again, so you'll have to lay down to get the proper view of these cereal/soup bowls.

It's fun to see all this new work out. (Yes I'm still calling it that, Ha.) Anyhow, it's new to me still and I suspect I'll have some customers who are taken aback by it when they come. Hopefully in a good way.

I'm gonna try and freshen up my Etsy site next week. It's getting stale, same old pots on there.

Okay, well check in again later for more images.