Teapot and Taxes.

I got this teapot from Brandon Phillips last week.  I really love it and  it's become the pot for my morning and afternoon tea brewing.  I think Brandon and I really have a lot in common when it comes to clay and pots. He also sent me a yunomi with the same glaze. It was in the dish drain so I didn't get a photo.

Sarah and I got going on our taxes over the weekend.  We never get an early start even though we have intentions to do so.  There are 3 calculators on the table!

This shot is from this morning,when I wasn't being a very nice person due to my incompetence, frustration, and embarrassment.

I made a mistake on my retail sales tax in the last quarter and I just didn't want to deal with it.  Sarah was asking me questions and getting on fine putting her materials together.  I was a jerk and pretty much ruined the morning.   Too bad that the tea I was drinking didn't have a calming effect.  Anyhow I got my mistake sorted out, along with figuring the penalty.   Hopefully when Sarah gets home all will be forgiven and the evening will be better.  This money stuff just really puts me in a twist sometimes.