Coming Home

I had several boxes come back from a gallery that was consigning my work .  It didn't seem to be a good fit in that my pots did not sell well there so I was ejected. Not really! I had a  good relationship with the owners and I feel like they represented me well.  It just didn't seem to be the right place for my work.   It's a drag when something doesn't work out but really I can't expect my pots to fly off the shelves just because they are out there. (Or should I??  Come on city people buy those rat pots and those laundry lines!!!)

I had forgotten about some of these pots. It's fun to see them again.  At the time  I was doing simple line drawings and some blocks of color with patterns.  It's neat that in just a few months things changed and I am where I am now.  I like that I'm putting more work/detail into the drawings at the present.   Sometimes just a little more thought and effort can make a huge difference.

A lot of this work is still nice and I'll certainly put these on the shelves in the showroom and list some on Etsy.

I'm hoping for a big day of making tomorrow.  My clay didn't arrive Friday, but I've got about 200 lbs in the shop.

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